released 07.2008, We Are Legion:

"We Are Legion" sketch collection by Adriana Ferguson

This is a softcover, 7.5''x7.5'' square, book 66pg collection of sketches and full color art pieces, with commentary, depicting the artist's take on the Legion of Super-Heroes universe with a few other DC universe characters as well. Artwork is done in a variety of mediums ranging from pencil sketches, marker, and digital painting, with 80% of the artwork being exclusive to this collection.

There are 30 + different Legion of Superheroes depicted.

This is only a partial list of the characters:

Brainiac 5 (he's probably the most featured character)
Chameleon Boy
Chemical King
Colossal Boy
Cosmic Boy
Drax (From The Animated Series)
Dream Girl
Element Lad
General Zod And Ursa (Only REMOTELY Related But...)
Invisible Kid I (Lyle Norg)
Kenz Nuhor
Kid Quantum
Lightning Lad
Lightning Lord
Matter Eater Lad
Saturn Girl
Saturn Queen
Shrinking Violet
Star Boy
Sun Boy
Superman/Clark Kent
Timber Wolf
Triplicate Girl
Ultra Boy

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